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More mysteries, please help


Hi, I went to an antique fair last week and raided a local online auction site, I have ended up with lots of nice glass, some I've identified but there are a few mysteries left, if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

1 - this is a very cool jar with a ball top, painted/enameled orange.
From what I understand it's a 60'ies or 70'ies piece, probably from Denmark.

2 - Clown decanter, I thought Swedish or Danish glass when I saw it but
 have been unable to track it down.
Clown Decanter

3 - A very nice crystal bowl, it's heavy and the glass is very clear with a
faint blue tint, when looked at from above there is z very nice effect as
seen in the second picture.
Bowl from side
Bowl from top

4 - A green vase, not much known, a bright green color and polished pontil mark.
Green vase

5 - Last but in no way least - a very nice and apparently old pinched glass
 decanter ( I know what it's called in norwegian but the english word
 escapes me) . My instincts is that it's old due to the decor and general
 look of it. It's up for auction on thurs and i think i want to bid.

Edit: Removed links and added link to auction.

Thanks a bunch for looking.  :D


Alexander. I can't help with attributions but I've gotta compliment you on your finds - especially funky number 1 which I absolutely ADORE!   :D

With regard your last mystery piece... this type of decanter is generally known by it's German name; 'kuttrolf', and occasionally by its Danish name, which is 'angster'.

Holmegaard were making ones with near-identical decoration between 1900-1930, but the shape of yours isn't right for Holmegaard. I know other companies were producing them around the same time as I've a very similar one, but it's footed - again, not a Holmegaard shape.

So I can't help you with manufacturer, but I would hazard a guess at it being made between the same dates as the Holmegaard design.

Edit - Just looked through some of my reference materials - Aalborg Glasværk were also making decanters with this decoration around 1890, but again with a shape unlike yours.

Thanks for looking, the Kuttrolf name was the one i was looking for  :D

There were some made by Hadeland of Norway as well I found today but with a different design, they too had stands.

I changed the link above to point to the auction, the page is in norwegian tho. It's reached about 100 Euros so far with a day to go.




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