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Oh Gosh, Oh My .... this piece made me sigh!


Lily of the Valley:
Went to an antiques/collectibles show today and for paperweights it was a total bust  :cry:.  I was, however, stopped in my tracks by an oh-so-loverly small vase (truly vah-zzzz).  I hesitate to even attempt to describe it with my lay-person's language, but the signature was Galle.  I believe it had a star in front of the name.  It was love at first site but, alas, not to be.  I just had to share as it's beauty and elegance touched me.

Thanks for listening .... Lily

Hi Lily
The star signifies it was made after Emile Galles death which I believe makes it post 1905, but I'm no expert.

Mike M:

Paul is right, about the star signifying  after Emile Galle's death -but its important to add that the * was only used for slightly over a year.  Making it quite easy to date.

Also, so far, I've not seen a Galle fake with a star on it. The other important and quick test of authenticity being - does it have a proper ground pontil.




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