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St. Clair glass bookends


Can someone tell me the story behind my very tall St. Clair glass bookends?  They are about 8" tall with yellow flowers inside. They have been in the family for generations. I also have a paperweight which appears to have been an experimental piece. She said the artist referred to it as "a mistake". It has a blue foam like substance and some red color inside along with bubbles.  Any info would be appreciated.


Can't help with the bookends, but there is summary info on St Clair glassworks on the Glass Encyclopedia page at:

The paperweights of the St Clair family follow a long tradition of American designs incorporating swirls and bubbles. Most are marked to the base with an impressed logo giving the name of the particular company / maker such as "Joe St Clair, "Maude & Bob St Clair".

If your weight has no impressed logo then that may tie in with it being a "seconds" piece (or "mistake" as suggested). Even if there is a logo, it could still be a standard production piece that went wrong and for some reason was passed to your family instead of being rejected.

A search in eBay lists will usually show a few typical St Clair weights and these are also often listed in various American paperweight dealer sites.


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