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Reg Design No 802467 ID= Hoskins Rose. Maker ID = Libochovice a.s.

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I cannot find this in the listing on the Great Glass site, but it is the number on some pieces of a cut-glass-style dressing table set (candlesticks and pots). Is there anywhere I may be able to look this up other than Great Glass as I'd love to know who made it. They are very well-made and nicely styles pieces. Thanks for any clues.

Anne, in the Glass Association's blue book the number is listed as:
Hoskins Rose and Co., May 1935.

The blue book (Registration Numbers 1908 1945) is invaluable and is well worth contacting the Glass Association to purchase. See Kev's reply in the Blue Book thread for contact (I just spotted that thread and so have edited my response here to send you to his message where there is a url link).


Brilliant! Thanks for id'ing the number for me Glen. I'm slowly buying reference titles for glass so I'll add this one to my collection asap, now to find out about Hoskins Rose and Co. :)

Hmmm well I've failed so far. I cannot trace anything on Hoskins Rose via Google, nor in the Glass Fact File or on the Glass Encyclopaedia, nor in any of my Miller's references.

Can anyone please tell me where this company were based and when they were active? Thanks in hope!

Cut glass workshops are not normally listed in a listing of glass makers. These were normally small workshops which used factory blanks, required little investment, easily founded & easily packed up.  To give an example, there were more than 1,000 cutting shops active in the US at the height of what is called the "brilliant"period, many of those one man or one family operations.


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