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Reg Design No 802467 ID= Hoskins Rose. Maker ID = Libochovice a.s.

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Hi Anne,
Do you have images?

Doh! Sorry Marcus, I'd not realised there were no pics in this topic - here they are:

And finally, the pic of the pot as well Marcus, along with closeups of the candlestick base pattern and the top cup. Do they help at all?

As an aside but relating to Bernard's comment about bottle makers dabbling, I was surprised to see how many bottles Hoffmann made, after I fell in love with the elephants that is while perusing the 1927 catalogue

Bernard C:

--- Quote from: Lustrousstone ---... relating to Bernard's comment about bottle makers dabbling ...
--- End quote ---

Did I write that?   I must have been having a good day!

Bernard C.  8)


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