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Reg Design No 802467 ID= Hoskins Rose. Maker ID = Libochovice a.s.

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Hi Anne,
My apologies for having taken THREE years to ID this...... :dance:
What a difference a picture makes....  ;D
Rd No may have been registered by Hoskins Rose, but this is another Czechoslovakian toiletry set from Libochovice a.s.
Tray: pattern number 1860/305x205
Candlestick: 1861/181
Powder pot: 1862/95
Small powder pot: 1863/70
Ring stand: 1864/90
Still being made @ 1958, and possibly into the 1960s.


Marcus thank you!  :clap:  I was hoping the pics would be good enough for you to be able to pin it down for me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  :-*

So glad I checked here first...I just bought a pair of candlesticks with this reg number in green . Lovely...thanks for the ID

Just realised that Anne’s GTS site doesn’t have photos for the tray or the ringholder for the Libochovice 1860-1864 set, and only Angela’s post shows the candlesticks in a colour - so here are some photos of a complete blue set and a part green uranium set showing more of the pieces together as reference.


And here are the candlesticks in pink


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