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Does anyone have any idea why labels for the Canadian glass company Altaglass 1950-88 labels include the words 'Walsall England'. Altaglass was started by a Czech glassmaker John Furch (presumably anglicized spelling)

Reference found:
Coward, Mary, 1946-
Altaglass, manufactures of hand made glass, Medicine Hat, Alberta, 1950-1988 : a guide for collectors / Mary Coward. -- Edmonton : Mary Coward, 1999.
ISBN 0-9684968-0-6

Has anyone seen this book?

Hi I just joined the forum and am a collector of Altaglass.  The book by Mary Coward can still be purchased from her however she has moved.  The only way to contact her is by telephone.  I have her new telephone number if anyone needs it.

There is a much more comprensive book out this year on Altaglass called Swan Song, the Story of Altaglass by Derek and Ann McNaney. This can only be purchased directly from the authors via email at mcnaneya @  If any of you are collectors of Altaglass this is an excellent reference book.




Just thought I would add the label from one of my pieces for people to see 'Walsall England' is in small letters - see bottom

This label is foil, gold with silver lettering.

Adam P

The labels were made in England and were gold lettering on a black background. With age/wear they turn silver.  You would find confirmation of this in Mary Coward's book.

 I took a look at one of my Altaglass pieces and yes you are correct at one corner of the label is the word WALSALL and the adjoining corner ENGLAND.

This was just one of a number of labels and etchings used to identify Altaglass. Is WALSALL a town/city or Company name?

Mary Coward also has a website which you might find of interest.



Hi Walter,

Walsall is a town, I recall being puzzled by this in the past - why should a Canadian glassworks be labelled with an English origin?


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