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I have posed the question on why the name Walsall is on the Altaglass labels  to Derek and Ann Mcnaney who are the authors of "Swan Song" The story of Altaglass; who in my mind are probably the most knowledgeable on Altaglass, and I will get back to the forum when I hear anything.

I quote out of Derek and Anne's book " In the late 1930's John Furch, his wife and daughter, Margarete, were helped to England by the Czechs and British........In England, Furch worked on a farm for a year, but when war broke out he resumed his previous occupation of welding, then quickly switched to glass making at Nazeing Glass Works near London.  In 1942 he became foreman in a new glass plant in Yorkshire, England.  Two years later he returned to the Nazeing Glass Works and remained there until 1949 when he emigrated to Canada...." and hence the story of Altaglass begins.

Yes the Company Altaglass was located in Medicine Hat Alberta.  Medicine Hat, a City in the Province of Alberta, Canada is located in a major oil and gas field and that is what originally attracted John Furch, the founder of Altaglass to set up his Company there; a cheap source of natural gas.

Someone posed the question if the website was mine.  No this is Mary Coward's the author of the earlier book on Altaglass.



Hi Walter,

I corrected your spelling of Nazeing, there is an old article about them on my site.

Interesting that there is now a link between these two glassworks!


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