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There's what may be a clue on the Altaglass site referred to above... the stickers with Walsall England were apparently printed in England!

That makes no sense, printers do not usually advertise prominently on product stickers of the customers! Certainly not without the name of the printer. It would seem like they had a sister company in the UK.

David E:
A fascinating thread: Walter, is the your own web site? Nicely done and very easy to navigate.

However, there doesn't appear to be any link with Walsall, England (I live a few miles from here) after reading through the history page, although John Furch did work in glass factories until 1949.

I suppose there might be some historical link to Walsall? Perhaps he started the company in a basic form just before emigrating?

Or a sales office in Walsall?


--- Quote from: "DenCill" --- your own web site? Nicely done and very easy to navigate.
--- End quote ---

I agree entirely David, very nicely done and a delight to use. Running on Mambo it seems.


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