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Is this candlestick Bagley ?

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Hi Bernard and Angela,

Bernard - thanks for your offer. It would good to compare it with a known crystopal example. Trouble is at the moment I cannot find it as it is in a box in the garage somewhere along with its twin. Our garage is a bit of a mess!!! The man came to read the gas meter in the garage a few weeks ago and has not been seen since. We are thinking of sending out a search party, but are worried in case they get lost!!

I have just checked some notes I made at the Pontefract museum. According to them, Bagley bought in someone from Chile to teach them how to make opal and other colours of glass. This man, whose name was possibly Branscombe left some methods of colouring glass with Bagley, but took the secret of opal glass with him!!

These candlesticks are a bit of a mystery. I would like to think they are Bagley, but I’m really not sure.



Bernard C:

Well, I was sure it was you, but it wasn't.   There's not really that much difference between elephant bowls and butterfly candlesticks, is there?   You can see how my mind was working.   Now, I wonder who the Sowerby butterfly candlestick enthusiast is?


Don't leave it too long — you never know, I might sell the Crystopal trinket set!

Just one further thought on Crystopal.   Had you noticed any similarity between Bagley Crystopal and S&W Alabaster?

Bernard C.  8)


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