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Maker? Pink pressed Glass Coral/Seaweed pattern Open Edge


I picked this bowl up a thrift store here in the US and I have no idea at all who/when/where.  It's 9 inches across, the marie is 3 and 1/8 inches and it stands about  2 and 1/4 inches tall.  A slight indent in the top center is about 1.5 inches across.  It has a coral kind of seaweed pattern and has an open edge.  It's kind of a peachy pink color.  I've looked all through the pressglas pavillion website, it doesn't match any American pattern I know of (not saying a great deal there, lol).  There are no marks of any kind.  Any help is much appreciated!

The dish
and other views if you need them:
from the side
the open edge up close
the marie

 :? THANKS!!!

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Hi Uncommonglass.  :D   I can't help with the bowl, but I wonder if you could reduce the size of the inserted photo?  Some members here are on dial-up still and it'd take them quite a while to download this posting.  Thanks!   Good luck with request.   :D

Sorry!   :oops: Here's the same photo @ 17KB/320X240.  :oops:

Hi uncommonglass, your images are no longer showing up and someone was trying to view them. Could you add them back to this topic please? Either by adding them as attachments to a reply below, or by uploading to GlassGallery. If you need help with the images, just please ask and we'll help you out. Many thanks. :)


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