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Is it Crown Crystal? Cathy Glen anyone??

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Cathy, or anyone else. I originally purchased this blue glass sugar bowl, thinking it was Crown Crystals Blocked Arches. Now I am having second thought.  :?
I have a terrible time trying to compare some things, if say, I am trying to compare a Blocked Arches sugar bowl with a Blocked Arches salad bowl.      It seems in most cases I  have to have 2 of the same items.
All opinions  are very much welcomed,to un-confuse this poor glass dummy. :oops:

Cathy B:
Hi Julie,

Pretty sure it's not CC. As far as I'm aware, the block and arches only came in the water set (Glen, if you know better, do say). #836 is a similar pattern, but it's not that either, as the blocks on your piece are raised out from the pattern, the finial is wrong and the blue is not a CC blue.

Is that base mirror polished? I'm sure I've seen a pattern like that - Walther 'Mary'? Was it one in Glens' Czech Special (which I can't find)?? Over to Glen and Pamela.


Hi Cathy, thanks for confirming my suspicions.Once I got it home, I then decided it wasn't CC, and then I tried searching for a match.Ended up throwing my arms in the air and gave up .I just couldn't work it  out.I just seemed to confuse myself more  :lol:
I hope someone can shed some light on it.

Could it be Jacobean pattern?  Inwald or Davidson?   :?
Just trying to eliminate my searching.This has got me going balmy  :roll: LOL.Who would think such a simple pattern could get me all confused :lol:

Cathy B:
No, it's not Jacobean either, for the same reason - there's that separation between the square patterns, a 'valley' for want of a better way of describing it. The worst thing is, I'm sure I've seen a vase in that pattern in one of the catalogues but I can't find it for the life of me.

Pamela and Glen will know, if anyone does :)

Don't worry about the problem of simple patterns: they're the worst, because everyone did similar things.


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