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Is it Crown Crystal? Cathy Glen anyone??

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May I ask for a better photo or description of the handle please ?
All that I can see of it does NOT remind me of a German production.
The corpus still looks like Bernsdorf Lady, but if Glen denies, I follow of course.
The shape:
it seems to be NO honey or jam pot
it seems to be very high for a powder jar belonging to a trinket set?
Sorry to not be of better service  :-\

HI Pamela, thanks for looking. ;D
This  jar doesn't have any handles.
I was thinking that it was a sugar bowl.Do you think this could be correct?

Handle on lid.

How big is it? I have a trinket pot with a different design but a similar knob

I feel that it is not the "Lady" pattern because the curved shapes at the top and bottom of each square are differently curved on Julie's piece. (The curve goes upward on Lady, at the bottom the square - but on Julie's piece the curve is downward. Vice versa for the curves at the top of the square). Also the deep V grooves you can see when you look at the profile of Julie's are not present to the same degree on Lady.

If my explanation isn't clear, then I'll try and find time to do a quick sketch to illustrate (but it may be a few days before I have the time).

The finial on the top of the lid is also not like the finials used on Lady, nor is the shape shown in the Lady suite.

I would suggest that Julie's piece is either a covered sugar, or a powder/pomade jar of some sort.



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