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Is it Crown Crystal? Cathy Glen anyone??

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Frank thank you ! the handle on the lid is something I'd like to ask for!

The jar without the lid measures 2 inches high and 3 inches across the top.With the lid on, it measures approx 5 inches to the top of the finial.
Pamela, I will get a close up of the handle tomorrow for you.It is getting on dark here, right now, so not a good time to try to get pics.
Thanks once again all.

Size wise it sounds like the the largest size trinket bowl from a set with two small and one large

In European sets (ie mainland Europe rather than just UK) I have found that the use of covered jars is listed as for powder, pomade etc. I think the trinket jar is more of a British idea. I am not sure of this, so feel free to correct me, it's just what I've observed in studying covered jars.

They can also be covered candy dishes, or covered bonbon dishes. This piece could, in fact, be a covered candy.


Ok Here are the close up pics.


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