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Is it Crown Crystal? Cathy Glen anyone??

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Thanks once again Cathy.Ok CC  and Jacobean has been eliminated That helps, as I keep gong back to the Jacobean pattern and tryng my hardest to match it. On the Ebay chat someone suggested Hazel Atlas, but another said not USA.
I think for my own sanity, I will put this out of sight for a day.It has been sitting on my desk here for a few weeks now. I was so determined to work it out all on my own.
I'll wait and see what Glen and Pamela have to say about it.
Cathy, could you be thinking of Walther Edna?  ..maybe not..think thats different (just thinking out aloud as I type )
Julie..walking way from the sugar bowl and letting my brain reboot , then maybe I should defrag as well  :lol:

The pattern from Walther that most closely resembles this is "Lady",
and it is understandable why you might have thought "Lord/Jacobean", the principal difference being, as Cathy says, the "valleys" between the panels on your piece. Sadly this particular item I could not find, in the catalogue, as only page 1 of three referring to "Lady" was accessible.

Hi Julie - well it's much easier to tell you what it isn't  :roll: I wish it wasn't so  :oops:

It isn't Inwald's Jacobean, and it isn't Walther's / Bernsdorf's Lady.

I can't see it in the Rindskopf, Hortensja, STS, Brockwitz etc., etc., pattern books.

But I DO know another piece that it is like. The block pattern, and the manner in which they interlock, is (I believe) identical to that on the King James (Carnival Glass) vase. I have not yet been able to attribute that pattern. But at least we now know that the maker used a light blue glass for it, as well.


Cathy B:
Thanks Glen - I knew I'd seen it somewhere before, and it was something to do with you!

Yeah!!! the message board is up and running again!!!  ;D
Glen thank you so very much for all the time and effort you have given  helping me. And thank you so very much for going that extra step and popping over to the eBay Chat to post  your reply for me to see, because this site had gone down. How very considerate of you to do that.Once again thank you.
And Marcus thank you very much too

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