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Anne E.B.:
Frank - you previously suggested a new topic thread for Bond Ware Japan. Here it is belatedly.  The blue vase on the far right has been identified as Bond Ware Japan by Ian (redheat4), who has two with labels.  These were also shown in the earlier thread.

I came across this today which I think might possibly also be Bond Ware.  This is larger at just over 4" high, with coloured enamel(?) which doesn't scratch off and 3 mold lines.  The base is very similar to the base that Ian showed.  Has anyone seen anything like this before?   (I know... it's gross!)  I'm not sure if this is meant to be a votive too.

well the colours are quite Christmassy, so you could use it in the window with a candle in it... ???

Sue C:
Anne, that is the strangest combination i have ever seen, Chinese? night light? :-\

It reminds me of a very similar-style porch lamp that we had when I was small. I think the black on that was metalwork with the coloured glass inserts - they were very popular at one time I think?

Anne E.B.:
I knew I'd seen these Bond Ware pieces with added colour in the past, and found this today, this time with 'JAPAN' on the base.


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