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Query for Adam D (glass-forming)

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Hi Adam,
I have come across the term "sacofoukanim", which as best as I can translate from the Czech, refers to a "vacuum and blow" process for forming glass.
Please could you be so kind as to elaborate on how exactly this would have been carried out? I have been trying to figure whether the vacuum stage is related to glass-feed, or integral with the forming part of the operation.
Thanks in advance,


--- Quote ---The machine is preferably of the suction-gathering type, the charge of glass being drawn into the parison mould in the dipping position by a vacuum created in the blow head of the parison mould, the blow head being connected to suction and pressure pipes controlled by automatically-actuated valves. As soon as the charge of glass has been drawn in, the vacuum valve closes and the parison mould travels from the gathering position to the transfer position, where the parison mould opens and the parison is transferred to the finishing mould.
--- End quote ---

Thanks, Frank,
Cannot get much clearer an explanation.....


this might help
or not...

hi, The link to Glassonline mentions " Illustrated Glass Dictionary "
      Where are the ILLUSTRATIONS    ???????


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