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help with identity...please



I have used up what little resources at my disposal and have been unable to identify an item of 'murano' glass, I am dearly hoping you may be able to shed some light on it for me.
I have attached a link above to my photos but I have never done this befor so I do not know if it will work also they are not the best so I will try and use words too, the first thing you would notice is the weight of it, it is NOT very heavy, I have a small Venini fazzoletti vase which is significantly heavier and has a 'ring' to it, this example hasn't really...the shape is loosely a 'heart' It has a 'snapped' and unpolished pontil to the base, it has a total of 4 twisted coloured canes emanating from the centre, the colours are interesting as the yellow cane is edged with 'bronze' aventurine, the blue, green and pink also sort of show this effect but not as clearly they may just have darker edges, sandwiched between each coloured cane are opaque (white) are they called filigrana lattice or weaved canes.
the dims are 12.5cm wide, by 12cm long and 4cm tall
Any help you can give me or suggest where else I might try and get assistance identifying it would be much appreciated, I do not want to give up, thanks again


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