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Birdie and an Elephant....

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Todays glass hunt turned up a couple of finds for which some help with id'ing is required.

I found this little Bird, he's about 8 cms high and I can see no markings - yet I feel I should know where he was made - but I don't and I can't find anything similar online.. anyone have an idea?

and I really love this Elephant.... he has a diamond shaped mark on one of his rear legs, with 3 lines of writing.. The top line I'm pretty certain says ART and the bottom line says FRANCE.. the middle line Starts with Vess?? it's very feint. I'd be interested to know more about him as I know where there's a matching rhino! and a bowl made from leaves....

Many thanks in advance - Steve

Sue C:
Hi, bird could be Phoenician and elephant could be Art Vannes France.

Art Vannes it is.

Hiya, the shape of the birdie looks like Wedgwood to me - the inside colour of the glass is unusual but the shape is exactly like several Wedgwood glass birds I've had in the past in various colours.  They're not always etched to the base either.  A side on view would be helpful if poss?

Hi, I vote Wedgwood shape for the bird as well, although the tail on my flint one is much larger than yours.  Never seen that interior colour before.  They were not all marked and it is very faint on some anyway.


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