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Opalescent Glass plates, depression?


Anyone know the maker of these opalescent pressed plates, 1 large, 6 small,
are they depression glass??. no makers mark, the pattern on the edge stands
proud of the surface. A pretty set. The photo of the book is from a Millers book,
they look very similar, by US maker Macbeth-Evans?
Thanks Andy

Macbeth-Evans American Sweetheart 1930-1936, the color or opalescent glass  is called Monax

Thanks Connie,
thats how it describes the plates in the picture of the book, they have a pattern all over,
including the centre, mine have just a pattern on the edges, and the pattern looks a bit
different to the ones in the book, but i presume there were slightly different shapes and
patterns. (mine also have a gold edge to them)
Regards Andy

Ir depends on the size of the plate on whether it has the central design.  Some sizes have it, others do not.

I can't see the detail of your pattern well enough to see if there is difference in the pattern, but it sure looks like American Sweetheart to me.

What is different about the pattern?

the pattern is the same, ive just got a magnifying glass on the pic in the book, and
my plates, definitely the same! ( i should have done that in the first place!)
Thanks very much for your quick id! I will probably  ebay these sometime soon, when i
get time.
Thanks again,


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