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wondering about several pieces of glass either given or inherited


I am a newby here, wondering about several pieces of what to me is extraordary pieces of
glassware and thought an expert here at the Glass Message Board may be able to help me please.

The first item of curiosity is a beautiful hand painted glass vase given to me as a Christmas gift 20 years ago by a very very famous international pop star and his then wife.  I remember the packing slip used for insurance purposes (which I accidently saw) described it as Austrian art glass vase .. I have never seen anything like it. It was purchased at an antique shop in Queen St, Wollahra in Sydney?

the second items are a matched pair of briliant cut glass decanters, with slice cut pattern and spire stoppers...I think they may be from Pittsburgh and they appear very old .. in quite good condition. & PRISTINE

David E:
Hi and welcome to the GMB.

As with all identification, posting some photos will help greatly. Please see this topic:,6522.0.html

You must let us know who this famous pop star is 8)

Thank you for such a quick response .. the message actually skipped away before I could finish it - appreciate the tip re photos and will attempt that later today.  The pop star was Elton John.


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