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Does anyone recognise the signature? = Strömbergshyttan

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Ok I managed to get a clearer picture, hope it helps:

Hi Tmaritta, that book looks very interesting, pity about the price!!  I wouldn't mind paying that much for a really useful book, but I'd like to see a review on it first.

Wayne, I really think it reads Strömbergshyttan, maybe with the initials of the designer.  What you think is P in the beginning is probably an S, written in an oldfashioned way ( I remember seeing that kind of S in old letters).

Why don't you send the question to the Swedish glass forum (the address of it was in one of the recent entries here).  Most of the people there, I am sure, read and write English.


Go here:
Number of examples of Strombergshyttan bowls inc sommerso stuff, with signatures which look the same as on your piece.

Here's a nice tie in.

If it's Strombergshyttan (which is also my bet) then said book explains their code:

H is "ashtray"
32 would fall in the period 1947 - 1954 (but normally the dates refer to when they are designed, not made - a good seller can be made for years afterwards).

H32 isn't in the book, H34 is - v similar shape.

Re the book - "Swedish Glass Factories Production Catalogues 1915 - 1960" by Helmut Ricke and Lars Thor.

covers almost all the production pieces for Orrefors, Orrefors-Sandvik, Kosta, Eda, Elme and Strombergshyttan for this period.

I got my copy early in collecting swedish glass, and was not immediately impressed (where's all the pretty pictures !) however it's both saved me money in the past spotting Kosta fakes, and identifying bits with illegible signatures, so for my mind it's worth the money.


Thanks everyone!  I can see it's definately Strombergshyttan now.

Marcus - Looks like you were spot on at the beginning!  Sorry I couldn't see it at first.  I've not had any Strombergshyttan pieces before and didn't have a clue what the signature looked like.  Great site link by the way!

Taylog1 - Cheers for the extra info on the piece, and the book.  I'll definately consider getting that book, it does seem very useful (although I do like pretty pictures!).

I don't suppose anyone has any idea of the designer?


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