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Sue C:
while trawling through Ebay, i came across a bowl and center figure which looks as though she is sitting on a stump praying, i have never seen this one, is it unusual, or has the picture been taken at a funny angle? item number 170065542303

David E:
This is a Sowerby figurine, Sue :)

Edit: I don't think it matches with the bowl, although someone more experienced might help further. Might be uranium glass.

They both look like uranium glass to me. I think the bowl is also Sowerby, althought it's more often seen frosted

David E:
You might be right, Christine. The bowl in particular looks like it's 'self-glowing' and I think the posy holder were normally like this.

Also meant to say, the figurine does looks to be the normal pose, but isn't praying, just placing an arm to protect modesty (although not very successfully!)  :D

Sue C:
Yes i agree David ang Christine, the bowl dos'nt seem to fit, bit of a mis match, and an odd angle for the photo, wish i could see the bowl a little clearer, the roses look a little Macintosh'ish,will have to go on hubby's pc and use the zoom on his mouse, or get my eyes tested again ::)
                 Sue C x


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