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--- Quote from: "glasswizard" ---Leni, so you discovered Jablonski Here is one of my favorite pcs. Please enjoy. Terry in Iowa
--- End quote ---

Hi Terry

Good to see someone else has discovered these fantastic pieces. I am very fortunate that within a couple of miles from me are 2 glassshops that deal only in Polish glass....if not I doubt I would have come across them. Since last summer I have bought 6 , the last one just an hour ago, but the proprietor advises that she does not think that Jablonski will be making any more within this style......I did ask if I could have his number so I could remonstrate and let him know how popular I feel these will become ( and desrevedly so too ). Its also a pity that he is not better represented on the web . Anyway...superb pieces.




I'm confused !!!
So we art talking Art Glass as well as glassware.
Ok But
Leni what is Adam Jablonski's relationship to LSA ?
Is his work Identified as his ?
The label on Terry's piece doesn't look at all like the LSA label on my bowl (not art glass). What does it say Terry ?

Sue, How does Krosno tie in with LSA ?
I have a Krosno whiskey bought from Habitat in about 1985. It had a Krosno label on it. I'd dearly love to get my hands on another to replace the one which broke.

Gareth - Where are these Polish glass shops ? I promise I won't buy any  Jablonski !!!

Hi Peter, I'm afraid I don't know any more than what was written in 20th Century Factory Glass, as quoted above in my last posting, about how Krosno and LSA are associated. I don't know if my decanter is anything like your whisky one, and I'm afraid I can't yet work the digital camera on the computer (severe technophobia and camera phobia - I can't say photophobia, as that is fear of light!) to post a picture. The decanter I have has an incredibly thick base - about 2 inches deep and it is sort of lobed, almost like a rounded deep sea oil drill bit in overall shape. The stopper is T-shaped, the grip about 2/3 inches deep.
I'm going to have to learn how to use the camera, post pictures and links, as I don't feel I'm joining in properly here yet! You'll all just have to bear with me on that one  :oops: Cheers, Sue


--- Quote from: "paradisetrader" ---So we art talking Art Glass as well as glassware.
Leni what is Adam Jablonski's relationship to LSA ?
--- End quote ---

I Googled 'LSA' and 'Polish glass' and got the Polish Chamber of Commerce site (amongst others), which led me to a link to the Jablonski Crystal factory, which I assume is one of the factories LSA uses.  

It also led me Adam Jablonski's art glass, which had me drooling all over the keyboard!  :shock:

Presumably, Jablonski signs his art glass pieces, but his factory produces the more 'general' - but IMHO also very beautiful - glassware on sale in John Lewis!

--- Quote --- Gareth - Where are these Polish glass shops ? I promise I won't buy any  Jablonski !!!
--- End quote ---

I won't promise any such thing!!!   Go on Gareth, where are they? Where?   :twisted:



I meant to also say that when I spoke to the proprietor, Polish lady who often returns to Poland on glass buying trips, she had not heard of LSA....but which I realise doesn't mean anything !!





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