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Glass chicken : ID=Asian import


Anne -

I clicked on your links in the Chippendale thread and saw your hen on a basket dish.  I think it might be made by Vallerysthal but can't see enough details to be sure.

Hi Connie,

Yes I'm still trying to ID the hen... thanks for the suggestion. I'll try and take a better picture of her and post the link - I find the clear glass quite hard to get a good image of, but I'll see what I can do. :)

I went and had a look at the Glass Hen website (I've been working my way through the manufacturers but not got to V at the bottom yet!) and downloaded the Vallerysthal pdf guide. The head is different to the Vallerysthal ones but is on an angle the same as the jade hen shown as an Asian import, so I suspect this is what mine is. She's certainly not a great quality piece but she's fun and she keeps my eggs safe, so I don't mind where she comes from. She's a working hen in my kitchen!  Thanks for the pointer though Connie - I think you've managed to solve another mystery for me. :)
My hen:


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