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"This is Glass" by Jim Frost

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Back in my youth, (late 1970's) I was involved with the London Science Museum Glass Gallery which was a joint Glass Manufacturer's Federation of 10 Portland Place, and The Science Museum.My father had been on the original organising Committee that came out of the Festival of Britain (1952).

Four years later I was asked to chair the Committee and one event we organised each year were the
"This is Glass" Jim Frost Lectures. These lasted about an hour and were run by Professor Jim Frost a cross between "Jim" from the Vicar of Dibley, Tommy Cooper and a kind uncle, from early December for ten days, and science masters of local schools booked their physics and chemistry classes in each year!

He demonstrated  the properties of glass by live experiments, (many of which went wrong in the middle much to the hilarity of the school audience of about 500 school children, each evening). My committee, together with  British Glass of Sheffield ( the successor of the GMF, which had moved north),commissioned a video of the lecture on VHS. The Corning Museum of New York State have asked to have a dvd copy for their archives, and whilst doing it I wonder if there is a wider audience out there?

Subjects covered were:-
The elasticity of glass and glass fibre (demonstrated by heating up some glass in a Bunsen burner attaching the melted glass to the feathers of an arrow and firing it from a bow across the stage!)
Also dropping a lead weight on greenhouse glass, and on toughened glass. The highlight was the
breaking of some Prince Rupert drops by cutting off the tail at which the drop exploded like a bomb going off and shattered into fine dust like particles! There are about nine different experiments

IF THERE IS DEMAND i WILL GET A QUOTE FOR MAKING 20-50 COPIES, so could anyone with educational science contacts make enquiries. I would hope the dvd would cost under 15 each, and I hold the copyright (via the Glass Educational Trust) who commissioned the video.


Put my name down for a copy. I'd love this!

Ohhhhh me too please, Stephen. I would guess you might sell a few of these here on the board!  8)

Sounds interesting, yes please.

Definitely!   :D


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