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"This is Glass" by Jim Frost

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sph-ngw ! how to reach you please?

I believe that The Society of Glass Technology, Sheffield. now sell this as a dvd,
I am checking with them, and if so, I will post a link for you to buy a copy direct.
Regards, Stephen

Whilst housekeeping this forum I found this was still awaiting info, so have found the necessary link:   8) - cost is just £5 (postage probably extra.)

I'm glad to announce that the Society Of Glass technology have now transfered the VHS tape onto a DVD that can be bought very reasonably for £5!
  DVD Looking Through Glass

This presentation is adapted from the lecture “This is Glass” presented by Jim Frost and Alan Leadbetter. The popular lecture has been presented all over the country to the great delight of all who have seen it; the last time was as part of the Opening Ceremony of the XIX International Congress on Glass in Edinburgh in 2001.

Just go to the sgt website


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