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David E:
I'm trying to find more information about a Japanese slumped glass maker, who produced a range of glassware similar to Chance. I know some of their output was made for the US giftware company, G.Z. Lefton Co., based in Chicago, Illinois, and these items are invariably marked as such, or have a label. The label often mentions 'Made in Japan'.

This was found on the rim of a plate:

One designer may have been Michio Suzuki, but sadly this is also the same name for a prominent mathmetician and the founder of Suzuki Motor Corporation. The equivalent, I assume, of searching for Michael Smith ::) :o

Sue C:
Hi David,
      I think Glen did an article on Lefton glass, so it might help if you give her a nudge on the glass board, also see ebay item 260075779637 for another Lefton label.

David E:
Hi Sue,

Thanks for the link - I missed this one! I wasn't aware that Glen had written an article, so I'll mail her - many thanks.

Possibility is CAGCO United China and Glass Company

see also Py/Miyao Fun Kitchen Collectibles ISBN 0875886582, not sure if it includes glass or not.

David E:
Thanks Frank.

It would appear CAGCO is a US distribution company, but on the Amazon search I found mention of

--- Quote ---Miyao Company, known today as Miyawo
--- End quote ---

So I'll track this lot down  :)


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