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List of Japanese glass makers


David E:
The following might help in trying to ID glass that is otherwise unknown. Compiled with the help from Glen's excellent article:

The Ryukyu Village
Combines many different workshops and is based on one of the southern islands - the Murano of Japan, perhaps? :D
Ryukyu -
 (in japanese)      -
 (in japanese)      -

The last link does show various examples of the glassware produced.

Under the Ryukyu banner are the following workshops:
Maeda Glass Factory
Okuhara Glass Factory
Machinato Glass Factory
Ryukyu Glass Factory
Kokusai Glass Craft, Inc.
Oyafuso Folk Craft Glass
Okinawa Kotobuki Glass Craft Inc.
Giyaman Kan


Other factories:

Toyo Sasaki Glass -
Hario - (this is a new address - updated as at July 2013)
Kagami -
Toyo Sasaki -
Soga Glass -

Probably not complete, but can always be added to.

Three other makers of art glass - very Murano style for lots of their outpot - but the quality is always excellent.  Here are four examples from my own collection that are labelled or I have seen a duplicate that has been labelled.
 -  Kamei
 -  Hineri
 -  Handcraft


flying free:
Kitaichi Glass Otaru,51779.msg293620.html#msg293620

flying free:
I came across a maker I'd not heard of before this evening -
Kurata Craft Glass
according to this site Stanislav Žampach spent a short  time there in  1994 and 2001
and I found this vase with a label on (ebay listing so it will disappear in time unfortunately)


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