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Mdina 'Earthtones' Globe Vase

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I've had this little vase for a while - it's Mdina, it's got a paper label, it's not signed to the base (just polished flat).  All I've been able to find out from my books and Googling is that it's from what was called their earthtones series from the 1970's.  Any further info would be appreciated - TIA.

I'm being extremely cheeky here but I'm bumping this up because Mark's around  ;D

Sue C:
Hi Pip, it seem,s there is a whole range of new products,
Pink Strata
Geen Mosaico
Oils ,  ect ect.
Which ca be found at , but what realy suprised me was how there was no mention of Michael Harris in the company history  ??? :-\

Cheers for that Sue, I'm aware of the modern production of this but I've found sketchy reference to an earlier production dating from the 1970's in a book - since this has the old style paper label (all the modern Mdina I've had so far had transparent plastic labels) I'm thinking this is the earlier stuff but I just don't know for sure.  Weird that they don't mention MH on the site though I agree  ???

Sue C:
HMMM :-\ could be an early colourway and they just revived it, will try another track :-\


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