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Amber Platter - Val Saint Lambert??

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I have this platter (actually, I have two & a matching small 3 footed bowl).

In my searches I came across this Vase on Pamela Wessendorf's webpage, which appears to be of a similar pattern. 

Is it likely that my platter could be from this manufacturer? Or am I leading myself down the garden path? I would love your opinion.


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Cathy B:
Hi Lyn,

We've discussed this pattern before, with the best guess being that they're probably of Czech origin. There seem to have been a few makers of similar patterns, because there are distinct differences. Pieces of a similar pattern turn up on Australian eBay quite often as well.,7359.0.html,2196.0.html


I think this piece is actually Polish - by Stolle Niemen (circa 1926-35).

Hmm .. thanks for those links Cathy. Doesn't look promising, eh?

Glen, all I can google on Stolle Niemen is reference to a J. Stolle Glass Factory in Niemen which produced Glass Insulators (which it appears are collectible - go figure!). Do you mind if I ask what makes you think this piece is by Stolle Niemen? And where would I be most likely to find some information on this Glass Manufacturer? I'm still new to all this researching, you see  ;)  Thanks for all your help!


Lyn - Stolle Niemen is not yet well researched, as far as I am aware. I am currently just scratching the surface of Polish produced glass (eg ).

I guess you are most likely to find information on this from me. You see I have in my hand a catalogue page from Stolle Niemen which shows your piece exactly. It has the number 1782. When I get the chance I will scan the item (and I'll also do the Ballerina piece that Cathy has, that I mentioned was by SN in a previous, recent thread). It's all just a matter of time really - as I am working on a couple of other glass research projects at the moment too.


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