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Super Vaseline vases , pair, with a surprise!

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Nice pair of vases, im sure someone on here will know what they are.
7" tall. Victorian? English??

Thanks Andy

I want them  >:D >:D. What are the tops like? Ground or fire polished?

Hi Christine,
theyre not mine, yet, i should have said!
theyre in a local auction, i think the tops were flat, so i suppose ground, but i seem to
remember, they were quite smooth, and ive seen a lot worse,
give me a hint and i will try for them, the estimate is £30-50, seemed cheap to me!
Regards Andy

If the top is flat ground, they're probably not English

the top is, i suppose ground flat, although they are fairly smooth, there is like 2 layers, i suppose outside is cased clear glass. Its  hollow all the way to the base( a few dead spiders trapped down there!) The amber applied
'petals' remind me of Italian? The white glass has the amber glow in light , so i suppose

thanks all,
any info welcome!
Regards Andy


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