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Mdina perfume bottle, i think 'mdina' in M harris's handwriting polished pontil

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Hi ,
I wonder if Mark Hill could confirm, i think this is a Michael Harris piece, just signed Mdina,
but it looks like his handwriting,(see photos).Im sure 'm' is his.
The base has a small polished pontil mark about an inch across, signed mdina in centre of this.
5 inches tall, 4 1/2" wide.(also see photo next to a IOW bottle, which is signed by the man!)
Thanks Mark in advance,
Andy (ps i did buy 2 of your wonderful Michael Harris books!)

David E:
I've always had the impression these were much later - well after Harris left Malta.

Hi David,
im not 100% sure, but according to Mark Hills book, for a short time from late 1969
a concave polished pontil marksimilar to Whitefriars,was used. That and the style
of writing makes me think its early, by Harris, im sure Mark could confirm one way or
another in a second!
Cheers Andy

You're right about the polished pontil being a very early feature of Mdina (I've got the book too!)  ;D  Hopefully Mark or Sue will confirm the signature issue for you.

Hi Andy,
Sorry for the delay, I have been busy with books n'stuff.
David's right, this sort of shape is later. The signature is indeed very close to the way he signed 'Mdina', but it isn't by Michael Harris' in my opinion. His is much tighter and often almost 'diagonal'. The polished pontil could appear on a few pieces of a later date too - it would depend on how the piece was made. 98% of Mdina has a flat polished base, however. As with all these things, it's a case of looking at a number of features; the shape, size, colour, base - and signature in order to verify properly.
Jolly nice looking IOWSG Seaward stoppered jar next to it tho  ;D
All the best,

P.S.; Thanks for buying my book too!!  :D


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