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Red Lion


Sue C:
Came across these carnival dishes 330082847754, i dont know if it's the way the photo was taken, but the glass seems very thick to
me? and how rare are they?

Rare? Very.

Valuable? Undoubtedly.

Thick glass? Exactly right for its type and era.

These are Fenton's "Panther" berry bowls in red Carnival - Classic US Carnival and very sought after. It's not unusual for these "later" (early 1920s) Fenton colours (red and celeste blue) to turn up in the UK. Marketing and international trends in popularity was behind it. And in the UK we seem to have had a "thing" about buying and displaying in pairs (symmetry on the mantelpiece maybe? :))

edited to add a link to a blue centerpiece bowl

Sue C:
Thank's for that Glen, they are nice though, like you we had tyre problems, two new ones for the Merc, and the old man has cut his, and other managers pay so they could keep an engineer at work, so things are a little tight, but i can still  window shop :)

Can't help thinking that with something as rare as these, you should make a bit more effort with the pictures, also with just 15 feedbacks including a negative and a neutral doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in the seller.
That said they do look a good investment buy if the price is right.

I was thinking the same about the photos, but when people are starting out, they make lots of mistakes that perhaps a more experienced person wouldn't. These things come with time.

Certainly I wouldn't have started them at £400, if I was putting a reserve on anyway.  The seller still doesn't know what ebay's market price for them is, whereas if they had put a low start with their reserve, even if it didn't reach the reserve they would at least have an idea of a price they would definitely sell at.


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