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Can someone please ID this simple label?

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I found a plain glass bowl at a thrift shop with this label on it... I would've taken a picture of it, but I didn't buy it. And besides, my sister is borrowing my I drew a picture of it. Should be an easy one to ID. I just don't know anything  ::) so annoying not knowing WHAT you guys are talking about half the time ha ha ha...

This might help,7163.msg60710.html#msg60710

David E:
I already looked through Mike's collection and couldn't see it. Ivo might be able to help if he spots this thread.

But if the item is cheap enough, it might be worth just buying it? A photo of the bowl is what's really needed to support the mark.

It looks familiar though and Sarsi also has another resource to access  :)

Thanks guys! Maybe I'll just have to go back to the store and buy it! I really liked it.. but it was just a plain, clear glass mixing bowl?? That's what it looked like to me... I'll try to go get it as well as my camera!!


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