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Art Deco Candlestick Holders



I have had this pair of Candlestick holders for about 3 years , they came from a local auction, I trying to find out a little about possible maker and age, they were sold as Art Deco and Czech made which is confirmed by mark on base of one, they are very solid and heavy for there size each one weighing close to 1kg, they measure 3.75 inches in diameter and stand 3.5 inches tall, the glass is very clear and are cut, they stand on a balck base with a silver ring which does have some type of marks, I bought them because I liked them and they looked very stylish, any help on any other information please

many thanks

roy mhgcgolfclub

Sue C:
Hi Roy, on the metal base it look's like the second mark could be the rose for Shefield , but it is a bit rubbed, the first mark would be the importers mark, and are you sure they are candle holder's? and not ink wells with missing lid's ? if so the lid's would have had the same marks as the base, but it's a bit hard to tell from the pic's.

Hi Dexter

I believe they are are Candlestick holders without a doubt, a candle just under 1 inch would fit, they have been used with candles as there is still a little wax, I agree it does look like a rose and that all the marks are a little rubbed and not easy to read

regards roy


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