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1930-50 amber flashed cut vase poss Stourbridge or VSL

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Top quality vase, its failed to sell on ebay about 3 times!! But curious if anyone can
identify it, maybe will get 99p for it next time!
the ebay link gives all the details
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A fellow ebay emailed thinking maybe Val st Lambert which i hadnt thought of, i think
its english, ive seen very similar by Stuart and Webb
Its not signed, although theres a strange mark in the middle of the roses, like an A
or maybe the eiffel tower?? or maybe my imagination?
Any ideas?
The cutting is deep and well executed, its just not fashionable at the moment.
Cheers Andy

Sue C:
Hi Andy, i think it's Bohemian, but i'm no expert.

Edited to add, see eBay item290076240845

Thanks Sue
wow! how interesting, the pattern A is very similar, and i would think its got to be the same maker,
of course, that pair may be French!
Maybe the Bohemian experts may be able to identify them, ive put a short cut to the pair
you found.

Cheers Andy

Did you look at Egermann as a maker?

In the U.S. we would describe the vase as an amber cut to clear vase or an amber overlay.

again similar, i believe 'flashed' is used when the amber coating is fairly thin, and
'cut to clear' when the outside layer is a bit thicker.
I know this isnt very rare,( or valuble, as it didnt sell 3 times! for a measly 15 quid)
im just sure the A mark is a clue to maker, and i still think its like the Eiffel tower!
Cheers Andy


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