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Pale Green Decanter 12" with hollow stopper

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I put this on the Whitefriars board as I wondered if it might be William Wilson.  Thought I'd also put it here in case anyone has any other thoughts........

polished pontil :

It has 4 dimples at the base of the body - it was this detail that made me buy it as I haven't seen it before.

Thank you

I managed to get this piece clean and dry, and have a better picture now :


I would think Empoli.... but cannot prove it.

nigel benson:
Hiya Cat,

For what its worth, I have a clear decanter with this form (not the dimples) which is marked Daum. I have also seen another, only decorated with horizontal banding, also marked Daum.

I am not suggesting yours is from that factory, just noting the similarity. A continental form, maybe?

To be honest, had I found your decanter, neither Powell, nor Whitefriars, would have been my first, or even second thought.

Let's see what other folks think.


Hi Nigel,

It wouldn't have been mine either, but I was looking at their section on decanters (for one like my friend has) and the 5th one down on this list looked similar to this (apart from the stopper shape).  Unfortunately, when you click on the picture the wrong thing comes up so I couldn't get a closer look.  But they mention William Wilson as a possibility and I don't know anything about him either.

It does have a nice feel about it - not "rubbish" - but it could turn out to be a greek recycled glass decanter the way things go sometimes!

Thanks for looking


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