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Am I Scottish? Small signed vase

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Hi Frank et al,

I wondered if this might be Scottish.  2.75" tall, broken off and partly polished pontil - it's flat and smooth rather than concave.  Signature and the number 589 - I cannot read the signature but it might be familiar to anyone who has seen it before.

with flash :

without :

signature :

If I'm not Scottish - please move me to the general board.  Thank you for looking

Piece of studio glass that could come from anywhere :)  (Moved)

A better photo of the signature might help - the angle only seems to show half of it. Also can't read the number - where is that?

I have tried to get a shot of the whole signature but it's tiny and I can't get it all at the right angle and in focus - even in macro.  The bit I've put is the beginning.  The number is 589 - I thought maybe Scottish as, apart from the way the pontil is done, I saw that some of the pieces have a number as a colourway code..........a little knowledge being very dangerous with glass.

I can take a shot of that if it would help??  I will have another bash.  Open to ideas if anyone has any for taking this type of shot..............

Thanks Cat

589 sounds like May 89, which feels right...


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