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Lidded butter dishes...REWARD OFFERED! (Plus, more Nazeing and other glass)

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I have recently purchased 42 beautiful hand made circular butter dishes ( in green amber, amethyst, and pale blue). Period from 1935 to 1955). A round base with a thick i/4inch protruding lip.They are 5ins diameter and 4 1/2inch high. All hand blown not pressed with a ball handle on thelight, delicate lid. Both lid and base have been hand ground and cork polished and the glass quality is superb. I believe they are English , (I thought Whitefriars or webbs) but have not found them in any catalogue. they could have been a sample run and possibly made for Heals or Liberty's of London because of provenance.
 I offer a free lidded butter dish, of your colour choice,to the first person who can identify them for me with a catalogue reference as proof. I may sell a few on eBay with a starting price of £29.95. Apart from Baccarat,  I have not seen a finer or more delicate and pretty butter container!
I can email a picture if needs be but have not yet mastered how to send pictures here!
Good luck and may the quickest win!

Hi Stephen,

I wondered what made them butter pots, rather than powder pots.  Please excuse my lack of experience, it's just that the only butter ones I've seen had flatter bases with covers, rather than bowls, and these are so pretty I can imagine them on a dressing table.  Unless it's the angle of the picture?

I wish I knew the answer though as the purple ones are gorgeous!

Kind regards

Hi.  Is it possible to have a side on photo to see the profile of base and lid? Thanks.  I am up for an amethyst one too!  Emmi

I don't suppose the butter dishes are Whitefriars but I found this Although the only colours listed in the 57 catalogue are flint and twilight, the colours in the photos don't look a million miles away from Whitefriars

They are similar for sure, Christine. I just checked the catalogue sizes and the W/f one (M.103) is 6½" diameter against Stephen's 5" diameter.

A side-view shot of one of Stephen's may be useful though if at all possible?


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