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Stuart 681307 tumblers and lookalikes

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Chris Harrison:
Can anyone identify these, please?

95mm tall, 75mm diameter. 
I have 4 and they all differ somewhat, so there must be a modicum of hand work in them.


David E:
The base 'neck' reminds me of Dema, but I don't think these were produced in colour.

nigel benson:

Do these glasses have a good central ground and polished pontil and is the horizontal ribbing reasonably consistant with being hand made, but with the use of a mold?


Chris Harrison:
Hi Nigel,

Good central ground, but no pontil mark.

The ribbing is slightly different on all 4. 
The glasses show all the signs of having been mould blown, then finished off by fire-polishing (a la Holmegaard Canada, for example), hence the variation.

Chris, your glasses have a similarity to my small dessert bowls here...
The blue of mine isn't the same as yours but the style appears similar. No idea who made mine though.  :-\


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