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Stuart 681307 tumblers and lookalikes

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Nigel, thank you again. That explains very succinctly what wasn't clear from the pages I looked at. I had indeed made the assumption that all the glass was Nazeing rather than it being a collection including Nazeing.  :-\

My fault, it was a case of getting the pictures out and organising proper captions later... I will add in anyones thoughts as they come but please keep all feedback in the butter dishes thread here,9344.msg79238.html#msg79238

There is one large blue base ribbed bowl in the Elwell haul. Definitely not Nazeing. the quality of our glass was not good until the mid 1950's. We had coke fired skittle pots, lots of contamination, and bubble hence the pastel shades, seed, bubble in the glass which looked intentional. It was not until we employed Ken Northwood and Pip Lang as glass technologists around 1948 ( we have a company photo showing them) that the quality improved. We then invented the single pot furnaces (holding 3/4 ton approx 700kgs) just enough to use in a day and melt overnight. This gave us a major technical advantage over the traditional multi pot furnces in terms of flexibility and fuel savings as well the cash flow to expand and contract one furnace at a time! 

nigel benson:
Hello again,

I have been able to find the catalogue reference that I mentioned above. Chris's glasses in this thread and Anne's bowl both appear to be from Stuart & Sons, marketed as "Plain Ringed Goods" and both from the service 21696.

I say 'appear', since it says at the top of the page "in FLINT, GREEN or GOLD". This is from Catalogue 51, which is annotated, in my copy, as being from 1939. It doesn't mean that other colours weren't introduced of course.


Nigel, thank you so much for checking for us. It's very much appreciated. :)


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