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Stuart 681307 tumblers and lookalikes

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An interesting addition is that today I saw another of the clear glasses like mine... an odd one... with an acid-etched (I think) design on it, commemorating the Coronation of Edward VIII in 1937, which makes them way earlier than I'd imagined them to be! Sadly I found it shortly after Christine and Sue had left, so wasn't able to pick their brains about it! :(

Chris Harrison:
...and I've just added a few turquoise/kingfisher coloured glasses to my Stratford collection.  Of the smaller variety, with torched bases, like the blue glasses that started the thread - but a different shade of blue, obviously.

One thing I spotted which I'd previously overlooked, is that in the catalogue which Ross added to the GlassGallery album, there are two sizes of tumbler in this shape!


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