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Stuart 681307 tumblers and lookalikes

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Chris Harrison:
You're right, Anne.

Gosh, we seem to be shopping in a lot of the same places :-)

Incidentally, these of mine came in the same box as some (unidentified) SlimJims and some Holmegaard Canada items.

nigel benson:

Anne's bowls are almost certainly Stuart & Sons. My mind is going the same way for the glasses, Chris. Both colourings are correct for that factory and it's what I was thinking for the glasses when I first saw them - although I really should check the catalogues for the shape before being categoric about it.

Often these pieces have a registration mark on the base, but by no means always. Similarly for the Stuart mark. The Reg. mark refers to the ribbing and not the shape of the item.


Chris, I wouldn't be at all surprised!  ;D

Nigel, thank you, that's good to know. They do appear well-made and the colour is just gorgeous. They don't match anything else I have but I just couldn't resist them! I've peered at the bases of each bowl - there are 7 of them, one with two tiny fleabites on the rim, the rest perfect - and cannot see a Stuart mark (I know how hard they can be to spot so I've looked in different lights and angles with the lens) but one of the seven has a very slightly raised bumpy bit on the base edge, about 3/4 inch long. I'm thinking that it's either where the polishing didn't quite smooth the base properly or it's the remains of a reg mark that's been lost with the polishing... could that be the case?  Were the Reg marks stamped into the glass or surfaced marked/etched onto it? I don't know how non-pressed glass is RD marked.

Ohhhh now I've just spotted something else as a result of the link which Frank posted about Stephen P-H's butter dishes... - picture #53 at the bottom.... shows bowls which look like mine also. Are the Nazeing ones also ribbed like mine - it's hard to tell from the picture?  Mine -

Not that I'm in any way doubting Nigel's suggestion of Stuart, but it just strikes me as sensible to double-check something which looks similar.  8)

nigel benson:
Hello All,

As a result of what you have written above Anne..... "Are the Nazeing one's ribbed like mine, etc".....I am concerned that folks may assume that the new pictures posted under the title of Nazeing suggest that all the glass is indeed Nazeing. It was something that I was already worried about and you've just stimulated me to make comment Anne :)

Having handled many of the items in that find (along with Paul and Christina of Circa Glass) prior to passing on Stephen's name to the owners as the best person to deal with such a large amount of items, I feel that it is sensible to mention that a fair number of items had stickers "Foreign Made" or "Foreign", whilst others were very unlikely to be from the Nazeing factory for a number of reasons (unfortunately best achieved by viewing and handling the items directly).

The find itself is from one of Major Elwell's descendants and represents a cross-section of what he bought as a wholesaler of glass. Sadly, as far as we know all the documentary evidence relating to the purchase and sale of the items by Elwell was burnt. The glass world is therefore left, yet again, with a situation that requires careful analysis, rather than assumption. Furthermore, there is very little in the find that directly links to the published Nazeing catalogues and records.

I am deeply saddened by the situation because it was my hope that this was going to be the absolute proof of the origin of all the items that I, in particular, have hitherto questioned. We are now left having to identify as much as possible from other sources in order to understand what is in the find. Bearing in mind that Elwell bought from a number of British glass companies as well as Czech glass this is a sizeable undertaking, so hopefully GMB'ers will be able to help Stephen in this quest.



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