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Author Topic: Pair of glass piggies, Cascade england, maybe Oiva Toikka Iitalla nuutarjarvi?  (Read 1030 times)

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Offline Andy

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A live auction on ebay,

They are not for me, but thought someone on the board may like them, ive searched the
GMB and some mention of Cascade England being an importer, and possibly
Oiva Toikka Iitalla?


I asked the seller, they have a seam, so moulded, and noway to get the money out without
breaking them, must make them a bit rarer!!

(if no one wants them, i'll give him 99p!)
ps might be of interest to the Glass Zoo!
they are badly listed on ebay, and I found them by accident!
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This is the second time Cascade labels have come up in recent times, and last time it was on pressed glass candlesticks. Not my area of interest, tho there is obviously some nice glass imported by them. I have no further information about Cascade, but my feeling is that they were importing mainly from Scandinavian glass-works. Time-line, location anyone please?



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Actually, it's the third time Marcus - I had a blue glass piggy the same as these and I said I'd seen a similar one with a Cascade label - Stephen from Nazeing Glass replied with some interesting info about Cascade in my thread about the blue piggy - see Andy's second link above.

I think these two new ones on auction are lovely ....


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