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Aseda w/ a dodgy signature...?

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I've always thought these to be by Aseda Glasbruk, and have never seen anything similar by Holmegaard - but this AUCTION claims otherwise.

Is it something I've missed in the past, or has someone had their dremel out?

There's nothing remotely similar in Lutken's workbooks in Glass Is LIfe, or in any of my collected material, so I'm lost with this one.

Nic - if this isn't Aseda then I'll eat my hat (and trust me it's a very woolly one that wouldn't taste nice!).  On a more serious note I've contacted the seller and asked if he'd mind rubbing some talc into the signature and trying again to take a photograph of it.  That's the only way we're going to know for sure other than buying it (which I for one don't wish to do).

Good plan! It looks like there's another eBayer out there who is equally suspicious of the Holmegaard provenance.

Saying that, it has been known for Aseda to pick up Holmegaard designs (the Aseda dog-bone/jack-in-the-pulpit vases which scatter eBay and carboots (and my parents' living room), for example, were originally a Lutken design).

One thing that makes me suspect the signature, aside from the design, is the fact that the seller can read Lutken's 'LP' monogram, but makes no sign in their auction or question response that they know who Lutken is. The Lutken monograms I'm familiar with look nothing like 'LP' to the untrained eye.

Anne E.B.:
I've always known this one as Aseda Glasbruk.  It features here in vidfletch's Aseda Glasbruk album.

I have one of these in blue, no sig on mine. I rushed over to check and  :'(

Bryn (not Brian)


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