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Hi all.

Remember the 100lb megaplanet that Josh Simpson made for the Corning museum - well he has now released  DVD covering the 18 months of the project - see

Question  - does any one know whether an American DVD will play over here as the TV standards are different - NTSC v PAL?

Best regards


It will play if your dvd player is region free. I believe there are also unlocking codes that can make players region free - but I could  be wrong about that one


Most of the modern DVD players will play both NTSC & Pal. Ours is 5 years old and plays both, without any problems, so if your player is newer than mine, an NTSC DVD should play for you. The cheaper the price of the player, the more chance you will have that it plays both formats (not sure why, but maybe to do with the country of manufacture and the ability to sell all over the world). It should say on the front of the DVD player what formats can be viewed.
We used to live in the States and a lot of our DVD's are from there, so we researched a lot before we bought one and found that it didn't really matter that much. It was down to personal choice.

Hi Della and Christine - many thanks for the advice - have ordered the DVD. Will report on the contents in due course !

Best regards


Hi all

The DVD arrived today and having checked it was OK on my computer tried it in my DVD player - no problem !!!!

Any of you who are remotely interested in the technicalities of making paperweights MUST get this DVD - it is awesome as is Josh Simpsons studio.

If you like watching the ballet between a gaffer and a servitor then try this DVD with 8 glass artists working on the same piece at the same time!

It runs for just under an hout and the video, sound and editing quality is superb. Highly recommend




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