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Lilac Whitefriars 9683 Nailhead

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I have just picked up a little 9683 Nailhead in Lilac, working from Emmi's colour lists, I make it that this was only available in 1974?

Does that make it harder to find?  It is is a lovely delicate colour, I haven't seen any before.

I can't find any on ebay (I can go back 2 months and nothing in that colour), so don't know if it is likely to make more or about the same as the more usual tangerine and pewter?


Well done Lynne - if it IS lilac you did good - very rare and highly sought after.  What size is your nailhead as well because if it's one of the larger ones it's a double whammy!

Hi Lynne,
Take a look at
It shows one which sold for £100 on a BIN which is a good bit more than some of the other colours!
Well done, John. :)

Thanks both - it's in a box of a LOT of glass I bought on Wednesday... I'll hoik it out and get a picture so we can double check the colour.  Size is definitely the little one.

Here she is:




I was very pleased with the pics - I used DenCill's tip of using a piece of black card to one side to create some internal reflections. Worked well I think.

Shame though, as I was cleaning the vase for photos I found some little nibbles to the inner edge of the rim, I thought I had checked it carefully, but obviously not... shame....there goes the pricing  :'( :'(


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