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Footed Bowl ,19thC? Olive green, frosted?acid etched?


Not sure where to start looking for this one, maybe someone may point me in the
right direction ::)
Its an Olive green footed bowl, I think its 19thCentury(maybe quite early?)
or of course it may be early 20thC ???
Its opaque, but i think thats just the finish its been given, i presume acid to give it a
frosted look and slight feel. Bowl is very nice , the foot ,quite thick and makes me think
its got a good age. Broken pontil.
Any help welcome :D

Sorry Andy that is a recent item.

No worries Ivo,
it just came with a shelf of stuff i got at auction yesterday,
you seem quite certain, do you know where and when it comes from :-\
It certainly fooled me though :-[

Cheers Andy

if i knew where and when it came from i would have told you outright, Andy! This type of glass appears on fleamarkets on a regular basis - but if they are made in Morocco or in Spain, or in the Ukraine (or even farther afield) is uncertain.  Any attempt at attribution would be speculative....

Thanks Ivo,
Much appreciated,


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