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ITALIAN vs FRENCH Paperweights - Can they be Both?

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--- Quote from: "svazzo" ---why would the 3 with the KB labels dont have the same mark underneath if it only says "Venice"?
--- End quote ---

Labels are cheaper than marks....

Hi Frank,
Guess that is true. I am just thinking as a buyer in this case.
I do have another weird thing that just happened. I bought a large Seguso Duck, clearly marked with the Seguso red scalloped label saying Made In - Murano - Italy, and pictured in books as Seguso 1950's, but I looked on the underside and there is a signature that says Peikin? in italics, at least that is what it looks like. I dont know what to think of it now.
Any thoughts of about it?

Peking duck.  Seguso used to supply glass ducks to ****Le Tour d'Argent in Paris whose signature dish is - you feel this one coming! - duck!  The world is full of Seguso souvenir ducks - the **** variation of the happy meal.... 8)

Hi Ivo,
Is that for real?   :?
Seguso really signed ducks "Peking"?
Thought you were joking with me for a sec.
I have never seen or heard about it.... wow! I really did learn something today. My duck is 12 inches tall, so its hard for me to think of it as a souvenir. I have come across about 25 -30 Seguso ducks, and none have had the signature. Guess the US doesnt have as many signed.
Where they only signed like this for that particular restaurant?
Thanks for that great piece of information.


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